Training for the future

Kamuga vocational school is now situated in the center of Homa Bay town

Our purpose is to educate teenagers to become tailors, carpenters and hairdressers and we enable them to understand how to run a small business.

It’s not easy being young in Homa Bay at Lake Victoria, Kenya. After primary school, there is nothing to do. Young people cannot afford to pay school fees to continue their education. Without help they risk to become involved with drugs, alcohol and prostitution.

IKF together with the Kamuga Women´s Organization and supported by Forum Syd, a Swedish government funded organization have established an educational centre for young people in order to improve their lives.

Your help
Our goal is that the Centre should eventually be self supporting. We have had success but we are not there yet.

The School generates income from educational projects providing
•      school uniforms
•      furniture
•      photocopies
•      hairdressing

We need donors to ensure the future for these youngsters. We hope you will support them and help them to have a bright future!


Julia Juliet
24th FEB 2015

I am Julia Juliet. I hereby want to appreciate the fact that Kamuga Centre has offered free computer lessons plus other discussions like learning about constitution. The constitution will help the learners to grow uprightly and become good citizens of the nation. We also got to know more about women and children´s rights.

I have decided to join the institution because it offers computer lessons. The knowledge will help me in my future career as I can do as many researches as possible. I can also get some job opportunities in bank, supermarkets and even in a hospital.

I therefore want to send my sincere thanks to the organization for having done us this favor and may this be done to others too.
Thanks, Juliet Juma

This is a transcript one of the 20 handwritten personal plans we have got as examples.